Made Marian Mixtape

Book 9 in the Made Marian series

The best mixtape always has a mix of favorites on it — songs playing in the background at Jude and Derek’s wedding or when Simone finally falls in love. Loud beats pounding the dance floor when Blue tries to seduce Tristan in public, or sleepy notes written late at night while Jude is on tour. Strains of familiar music bring heart-gripping memories rushing back in—memories of the first time Tilly meets Senator Cannon, the weekend a mysterious new family member arrives at a snowy cabin expecting solitude but finding a sexy lumberjack instead, or the winter Teddy “accidentally” strands Jamie in Tibet.

Made Marian Mixtape is a collection of everything from a short 1k word vignette to a longer 30k novella. Catch glimpses into the lives of favorite existing Marian characters and meet new ones as well. With everything from hot nookie in a broken elevator to double-doses of pre-wedding panic, Mixtape presents over ten new stories set in the Made Marian world that will make you sniffle, swoon, and laugh out loud.

Made Marian Mixtape is 72k words in length and best enjoyed by readers familiar with the Marian world.

Early praise for this collection:

“Slam this bad boy into your tape deck. Hngh. Harder.” -Leonard Skynard (Lynard’s very, very distant cousin)

“OMG all the feels.” -Boomers trying to be Millennials

“For god’s sake, fast forward to the good stuff.” -Matilda Marian

“Maybe remove that shower scene? Ahem.” -Maverick Marian

“But we really wanted to wear the tuxedos.” -Springsteen and Patsy Cline (the pugs, not the singers)

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Made Marian Mixtape