Short Stories

The Marians and Wildes aren’t the only ones finding their happily ever after!

Josh: A Companion to The Made Marian Series

After moving from Denali, Alaska, to San Francisco in order to get over a failed crush and try his hand at dating new people, Josh Little hosts a big poker night for the Marians and his co-workers at the National Park Service. Little does he know, that his own true love may not be someone new after all. Could it be that The One That Got Away is finally back for good?

It’s been eight long years since Cyrus Dimakos had to leave the love of his life to take care of his great-grandmother on a remote island in Greece. A family obligation may have kept his body away from Josh all this time, but his heart never left him. Despite having broken things off with Josh shortly after leaving him, Cyrus hopes it’s not too late to convince Josh to give him a second chance at forever.

10,000 word short. Josh’s story takes place after A Very Marian Christmas and can be considered Made Marian 7.5.

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Beck: A Companion to The Made Marian Series

Beck: After touring around the world, sleeping with fans after sold-out concerts, Beck is still unsatisfied in the bedroom. Men, women, men and women? He doesn’t know quite what he’s looking for when he enters an exclusive club one night to find some company for the night. But two sexy strangers begin dancing with him at the same time and Beck finally begins to realize that it might not be variety he’s after, but just the right set of lips whispering sexy words into his ear.

7,000 word steamy short. Beck’s story takes place after Jumping Jude and can be considered Made Marian 3.5.

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Inn Love

Inn Love: A Standalone M/M Short Story

Attention Ghost Lovers! Prime opportunity to own this historic bed and breakfast in Pine Hollow, Maine, for a spooky low price. Must be comfortable with the mystical and at home with haunted spirits. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you.) Previous buyers haven’t lasted the night— will you be the one to tame the teeming shadows of this lovely Victorian mansion?

Will Ryan and Davis survive the spirits of the Maberly sisters to win a shot at owning this historic inn? Or do they have a ghost of a chance at finding something else entirely? When things go bump in the night at this inn, it might just be the headboard…

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