Short Stories

The Marian brothers aren’t the only ones finding their happily ever after!


Brad: A Companion to Borrowing Blue

When Brad opens his Vegas hotel room door to find a hot police officer waiting on the other side, he assumes crazy Aunt Tilly has sent him a strip-o-gram. But instead of getting naked, Detective Gorgeous pulls out his cuffs. Turns out, the badge and uniform aren’t just props, this cop is the real deal.

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Keller: A Companion to Borrowing Blue

Keller: After watching my long-time crush marry the man of his dreams, I realize I’m not so much heartbroken as envious. I want what they have – love, companionship, a hot body to tangle the sheets with. But as long as I’m spending most of my time at the vineyard, I’ll never meet someone like that, right?

But then I stumble into Aunt Tilly’s art class and catch sight of the nude model in the center of the room. I can’t stop thinking about all of the ways I’d want him to pose if I was ever lucky enough for a solo session.

Eli: When my brother convinces me to take his place as a nude model for a painting workshop in Napa, I reluctantly agree. What harm could come from dangling my naughty bits in front of a room full of tittering old women? But those little ladies are actually dirty-mouthed matchmakers in disguise and my entire concept of being laid bare is put to the test.

Just when I’m figuring out how to handle the gossiping artists, the handsome host shows up to paint me into a corner.

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Inn Love

Inn Love: A Standalone M/M Short Story

Attention Ghost Lovers! Prime opportunity to own this historic bed and breakfast in Pine Hollow, Maine, for a spooky low price. Must be comfortable with the mystical and at home with haunted spirits. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you.) Previous buyers haven’t lasted the night— will you be the one to tame the teeming shadows of this lovely Victorian mansion?

Will Ryan and Davis survive the spirits of the Maberly sisters to win a shot at owning this historic inn? Or do they have a ghost of a chance at finding something else entirely? When things go bump in the night at this inn, it might just be the headboard…

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