Well-known computer security infiltration specialist Jasper Huxley has never met a system he can’t hack. Whether his assignment is accessing a highly-classified Pentagon server or modifying his high school report card, he’s always got a botnet, an exploit, or a little bit of social engineering he can call up to get the job done. But there are certain things he can’t finesse, no matter how hard he tries.

•Beating the infuriatingly adorable, adorably infuriating Kevin Rogers in the Enchanted Javelin Toss to qualify for the Horn of Glory Conqueror’s Tournament. (Robbery.)
•Sharing a house and–worse–a network with Kev. (Gah.)
•Being forced to allow a non-trained, non-serious, and non-resistible civilian to take part in a critical intel operation. (•side-eyes Kev)
•Keeping Champion Security’s system safe from increasingly sophisticated black hat threats. (Once again… Kev.)
•Maintaining his distance from the man haunting his thoughts… especially when he learns that Kev’s a virgin. (At least for now.)

In short, when Kevin Rogers is in the picture, the safe and peaceful life Hux has managed to construct for himself gets suddenly and irrevocably… hacked. (And it’s all Kev’s fault.)