Hot Ride

*Please be aware Hot Ride originally appeared in the Heart2Heart Charity Anthology, Vol 1, under a different title.*

When phone-sex operator Azrael gets into Travis’s Uber, the driver profile claims Travis is deaf. Thank goodness, right? Otherwise, the guy would hear Az’s dirty talk which would be all kinds of humiliating considering Az is actually a virgin who doesn’t even know if he’s doing phone job properly.

But Travis isn’t deaf. He’s standing in for someone else and hears every single word of Az’s raunchy call. So when they’re randomly set up on a blind date together, the sparks fly from the very first moment they meet. What follows is a steamy connection in which Azrael and Travis realize they have more in common than they originally thought despite Az’s strict family and Travis’s ten year age difference.

This 17k word short is full of awkward blind date moments, first-time you-know-what, interfering family, and sweet, sweet dance moves.