Mr. Important

There are three kinds of people in Honeybridge, Maine: The Honeycutts, who know a lot about love and loyalty; The Wellbridges, who think they’re the epitome of wealth and refinement; and the rest of the Honeybridgers, who know better than to get in the way of the centuries-old rivalry between the two.

My mother calls me incorrigible. My dad calls me a train wreck. Even my big brother thinks I’m spoiled.

But once upon a time, when I was eight years old, old Pop Honeycutt at the General Store looked at me and gave me the nickname Mr. Important… and I believed him.

That was my mistake. Because it turns out, there’s nothing very important about me, no matter how hard I try to be the guy everyone wants me to be.

Not my grades. Not my charm. Not my job prospects.

And this winter, I decided I’ve had enough.

The Honeybridge Winter Ball is the perfect place to blow off steam, to be the person I want to be, at least until the clock strikes midnight. And a quickie with the mysterious man in the silver mask–the hot control freak whose deep growls and effusive praise make me feel like the hottest guy at the party–seems like the perfect way to achieve that.

But of course nothing works out the way I planned, and when the masks come off, my one-night stand with an anonymous stranger becomes the most awkward encounter of my entire life.

Because the bossy guy who blew my mind? Is my best friend’s father.

And, more horrifyingly, my father’s friend.

There is no way a billionaire silver fox like Thatcher Pennington could want a hopeless nobody like me, even if he makes me feel like I’m finally Mr. Important.

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