Prince of Lies

Rowe Prince is many things.
Gorgeous? Yes.
Unintentionally hilarious? Absolutely.
The hottest, sunshiniest virgin to ever set foot in Manhattan? Oh, yeah.

One thing he’s not, though, is a reclusive billionaire named Sterling Chase who supposedly founded my company. So when the man (literally) stumbles into a charity gala saying precisely that, I do what anyone would: I set out to prove he’s a liar.

Except it turns out Rowe’s ridiculous falsehoods are surprisingly… enchanting. The heart of gold beneath his borrowed tux makes even a jaded businessman like me start to believe in fairy tales. And there’s no faking the heat between us when the man’s in my bed.

But when it turns out Rowe’s lies conceal a secret that threatens the company I’ve spent years building, I have to choose: say goodbye to the sweet pretender I’m falling for, or risk everything for a man who just might be… the prince of lies.