The Billionaire’s Valet

It is utter madness for a valet to fall in love with one’s boss.
But when that boss is Ignatius Corbridge–my handsome, secretly-lonely, utterly-wonderful Iggy–one really can’t help it.
For decades, I’ve stood by his side, fulfilling my role as his right-hand man, his mentor, his friend. I’ve pressed his suits, arranged his travel, and witnessed a thousand walks of shame as he scratched itch after itch with elite playboys around the globe.
Each day, it killed me just a little bit more.
So I did what needed to be done for both of us: I quit.
More than that, I took myself on a sightseeing adventure halfway around the globe to put some distance between us.
But when I board the sleeper car on the luxury African safari train, the first sight that greets me is the man I left behind.
Iggy wants me back…
And from the heated look in his eyes, it’s apparent he no longer sees me as his valet... and hasn’t for quite some time.