Wilde Shorts: A Forever Wilde Collection

Wilde Shorts is a collection of Happy Ever Afters featuring princes, valets, professors, and even a snarky, raccoon-stealing fan-favorite. Grab this collection to read the following stories:

Princeling: royal flash fiction featuring the beloved characters from Felix and the Prince.

The Billionaire’s Valet: a short-story featuring King Lior’s childhood best friend, Iggy, who races across Africa with a broken heart in search of the dedicated valet who’s always loved him.

Flirt: a laugh-out-loud novella featuring snarky Stevie and the grumpy fire chief who can’t stay away from him. Cameos include one unexpected raccoon named Zorro.

Arthur & Max: the story that comes after the epilogue of Wilde Love, featuring King Lior’s valet and a super-sweet Wilde cousin who’s always wanted his very own Wilde love.

Professor Platonic: a student/professor story featuring a Wilde cousin and his greatest enemy. When Jack Wilde loses out on an incredible research opportunity, he goes looking for platonic comfort to distract him from taking wild revenge on the professor who screwed him over. Only… the man who shows up to offer comfort is none other than the professor who caused the problem in the first place.

All of the stories included in Wilde Shorts are set in the Forever Wilde world. With the exception of Princeling, all of them can be enjoyed on their own without reading other books in the Forever Wilde series.

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