Bonus Content

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  1. Ski Patrol
    Short story set in the Aster Valley world.
  2. Luca & Marcel
    Short story set in the Hostile Takeover world.
  3. Arthur & Max
    Bonus short from Wilde Love
  4. Dante
    Deleted scene from Delivering Dante
  5. Hudson
    Deleted scene 1 (Rory) from Hudson’s Luck
  6. LOL: Laugh Out Loud Scene
    Deleted scene from LOL: Laugh Out Loud
  7. Rourke & Ty
    Bonus scene from Virgin Flyer
  8. Saint Scene
    Deleted scene from His Saint
  9. Silvio and Attila the Hun
    Bonus scene from Made Marian Mixtape
  10. Sweet as Honey
    Sneak peek of Sweet as Honey
  11. Jacks & Marchie
    Bonus short from Say You’ll Be Nine