Ski Patrol

BJ came to Aster Valley to find a man. Okay, not just any man, a specific man. Namely, the man who accidentally dropped his To Do list in the Denver airport, thereby revealing he's the absolute best, most perfect match for BJ.

But after almost a week of... uh... kissing too many of the wrong guys, BJ realizes it's not meant to be. To add insult to injury, he gets an actual injury on the slopes, putting a wrench in his plans and his job at risk.

When Dallas, the sexy ski patrol responder, arrives on his snowmobile, BJ barely gives him a second look. He's in too much pain and he's sworn off all men, sexy or not.

But when Dallas shows up later that night at the hospital to offer BJ a ride home, BJ wonders if maybe he had it all wrong. Maybe he should give Aster Valley one more chance to make his To Do List dreams come true...

Ski Patrol is a 12k-word short story set in the Aster Valley world. This story is exclusively for newsletter subscribers and is best enjoyed after reading Thick as Thieves.

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