8 thoughts on “Help me decide on a setting!”

  1. Hard decision. It really depends on the dynamic you want to set and how limited you want the initial “guest list” and ability to show up to and/or leave the event.
    Luxury ski resort: If winter, could be snowed in once event gets started, preventing somebody from taking off in a huff when things get tense. Or taking off in a huff and getting lost. Lots of lost/found options there.
    Luxury yacht: Assuming would be for a cruise during the event, which would make everybody a captive audience. (This one is my choice, since it would be very difficult for somebody to take off when the going gets…interesting.)
    Luxury estate: Beautiful grounds. Outbuildings that could be used for a secret rendezvous. Surprise guest(s).

    Lordy, no wonder you’re having trouble!!!

  2. English country dude would be a new set we haven’t seen in previous books. Lots of places to “hide”!

  3. I found your books because I saw that my sister had commented on one of your Facebook posts, (about Fools). I have loved everything I have read. Thank you. Best wishes for continued success.

  4. I didn’t vote for the English countryside, only because of all their rain ☔️ If you’ve ever been in the Mediterranean area, the weather is DEVINE❣️

  5. I feel like you’ve done yacht and ski resort books. The English countryside offers lots of opportunities for different settings and I’d love to see what you do with it.

  6. I am voting for yacht because I think it keeps all the people in one area and there will be swim trunks and wetness.
    That said, if you want to do a nice, up tight Brit in an English manor, that is also amazing.
    Or both? Separate books? More books! Write all the books! (PS: Love your work)

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