Reading Order

All of Lucy’s full-length novels are standalones and can be read in any order. However, if you want to read them in order of the plot timeline, here’s a list that should help. Please keep in mind that some of the short stories are only available at certain times.

The Made Marian & Forever Wilde series:

Borrowing Blue
“Brad” (Made Marian Shorts)
Taming Teddy
Jumping Jude
“Beck” (Made Marian Shorts)
“Keller” (Made Marian Shorts)
“Love Shack” (Made Marian Mixtape)
Grounding Griffin
Moving Maverick
Delivering Dante
Facing West
A Very Marian Christmas
Felix and the Prince
Made Mine (collaboration with Sloane Kennedy)
Wilde Fire
“Wedding March” (Made Marian Mixtape)
“Josh” (Made Marian Shorts)
Hudson’s Luck
“Club Mix” (Made Marian Mixtape)
“Jude’s Lullabye” (Made Marian Mixtape)
“Beach Music” (Made Marian Mixtape)
“Birthday Song” (Made Marian Mixtape)
His Saint
Wilde Love
“Hard Rock” (Made Marian Mixtape)
King Me
“Yakkity-Yak” (Made Marian Mixtape)
“Tibetan Chants” (Made Marian Mixtape)
“Poker Face” (Made Marian Mixtape)
“Waking Up in Vegas” (Made Marian Mixtape)
“Elevator Music” (Made Marian Mixtape)
“Let it Snow” (Made Marian Mixtape)

Forever Wilde in Aster Valley

The Aster Valley series:

Winter Waites
Right as Raine
Sweet as Honey
Hot as Heller

The Licking Thicket series co-written with May Archer:


The Twist of Fate series co-written with Sloane Kennedy:

Lost and Found
Safe and Sound
Body and Soul
Above and Beyond

The After Oscar series co-written with Molly Maddox:

IRL: In Real Life
LOL: Laugh Out Loud
BTW: By the Way

Standalone, unrelated novels:

Virgin Flyer
Say You’ll Be Nine

Standalone, unrelated short stories:

“Inn Love”
“On the Mall”
“Hot Ride”

If, in the course of reading, you discover some of these out of order, please let us know! Sometimes it’s hard to place them considering one story may start before another but end well after.

Happy Reading!!